Start Over With a Clean Slate

Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Kirkland, WA located close to Woodinville and Redmond

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective method of filing for bankruptcy. Also known as "liquidation bankruptcy," chapter 7 bankruptcy involves the liquidation of assets in order to immediately satisfy debts. In doing so, you can eliminate most unsecured debts including medical debts, credit card debts and personal loans.

This method of bankruptcy is ideal for quickly eliminating debts, stopping wage garnishments and harassing phone calls from debt collectors and starting over with a clean slate. To learn more about this debt relief solution and how it can help you, contact Kuhlman Law Office, PLLC today.

Denise S. Kuhlman of Kuhlman Law Office, PLLC will examine your situation and determine if chapter 7, or any other option, including not filing for bankruptcy, is best for you. Call today to schedule your appointment with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Kirkland, Washington.